Navigating Life & COVID-19

Prevention tips for older adults in the season of COVID-19

The coronavirus has changed the way we do things, at least for the time being. Just about everybody is staying closer to home and farther from other people. National and statewide agencies have told us to engage in “social distancing.”

At Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona (BCBSAZ), we know this is a challenging time.

The World Health Organization and other agencies have stated that people over the age of 60 can be more vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19, so we’ve put together a list of prevention tips that go beyond the basic “wash your hands often and don’t touch your face” reminders.

  • Stay home! The very best way to avoid contracting COVID-19 is to keep a safe distance away from anyone who could potentially be contagious.
  • Accept help. When family, friends, or neighbors offer to grab groceries or pick up a prescription for you, say yes!
  • Use grocery and pharmacy delivery services. Check to see if the stores in your area will bring what you need right to your door.
  • Avoid the crowds. If you must go out to shop or run errands, go at times when stores are emptier, such as early in the morning.
  • Order take-out. Many restaurants have added curbside pick-up or even delivery services in recent weeks. Check to see if your favorite menu items can come to you.
  • Stay (virtually) connected. Keep in contact with loved ones by email, phone, and video chat. Consider establishing a regular check-in time with people you can’t see in person.
  • Clean up. Keep your home germ-free by disinfecting “high touch” areas frequently. That includes counters, computers, phones, and bathroom fixtures. Ask for help with this important chore if necessary.
  • Read, read, read!This is a great opportunity to dive into a new book or dust off one of your old favorites. You could even start a discussion via email or phone with friends or relatives reading the same title.
  • Start a puzzle. Turn on some background music and focus on the beautiful picture that will emerge one piece at a time.
  • Catch a movie from your sofa. The classics, the blockbusters, the indies—what better time to relax in your own home and be entertained?

We hope this list helps, but it is still true: The most important things to do are wash your hands often and don’t touch your face! 

We’re here for you! Learn more about navigating life in the time of COVID-19.