Diabetes is a serious medical condition. It’s also a manageable one. In some cases, it’s even reversible. The more involved you are in managing your diabetes, the better your body will respond and the healthier you’ll feel. Establishing new diabetes-friendly routines can be as simple as changing some habits.

Remember the diet and exercise basics

Your life as a person with diabetes MUST include a healthy diet, a regular exercise routine, and maybe a weight-loss goal. Check out Prevention and Screening for helpful information, and Living with Diabetes for day-to-day strategies. Plus, explore Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona’s helpful support programs, Nourishing Arizona and “Get Fit. Don’t Quit!”

Education and advocacy

If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with diabetes, you can find an enormous amount of support and guidance by connecting with others in a similar situation. There are numerous local and national groups dedicated to helping people with diabetes live better. Start by researching options in your community. Later, you might even consider lending your expertise as a way of giving back. Explore these helpful resources:

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